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Taekwondo Sabumnim Thank You Gift

Taekwondo Sabumnim Thank You Gift

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Show your Taekwondo instructor the depth of your gratitude with our Taekwondo Sabumnim Thank You Gift, a meticulously crafted plaque that speaks volumes of appreciation and respect. At its heart, a sincere statement of thanks acknowledges the dedication, wisdom, and invaluable lessons your sabumnim has imparted. This gift becomes truly special with the addition of your instructor's name, transforming it into a personalized homage to their mentorship and the impact they've had on you and your peers.

This plaque stands as a poignant reminder of the journey you've embarked on together, embodying the countless hours of training, discipline, and guidance provided by your sabumnim. Whether it's a token from the entire dojang or a personal gift from an individual student, the sentiment remains powerful—celebrating the unique bond between instructor and student and the transformative power of their teachings. Including a message from the group or a personal note adds an extra layer of meaning, reinforcing the collective or individual appreciation for the lessons learned both on and off the mat. This thoughtful keepsake is a testament to the respect and admiration felt for your sabumnim, making it an unforgettable gesture of thanks they are sure to treasure.


  • Made and designed in America
  • Classic cherry wood style finish
  • Permanently printed and won't fade or scratch off


  • Free personalization!
  • The name/details can be personalized. Type the name and any professional credentials to add.
  • Or, we can leave it blank.


  • We ship all orders within 3 business days from Austin, Texas.
  • Most orders arrive in 2-3 days transit.
  • Rush/Express shipping is available at checkout which is 1-2 day shipping time and faster production.


Available in three different sizes.

Small (7" x 9") for economical, easy gifting.

Medium (9" x 12") for a special "Thank You" or gift, this is the most popular size.

Large (12" x 15") for an impressive statement piece or award.

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Photo of plaque inside the optional velvet gift bag, showing some of the printed design.

An Easy Gift for a Great Sabumnim

We can wrap the plaque in a soft, velvet gift bag. It adds a touch of elegance. Your design can also ship right to the recipient - the packing slip won't show the price. It's an easy gift.

Arrives Ready To Display

Built-in keyhole hangers on the back let you display the plaque on the wall. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get a good product.

Photo of plaque resting on table at an angle.

Designed Just for a Great Sabumnim

We've also made these so the design always stays on. It won't scratch off or fade like some other awards - it is permanently printed on the plaque surface.

What Size Do I Need?

Three different sizes let you pick the meaning. Our Medium (9" x 12") is the most popular choice for a well-received gift. Large (12" x 15") showcases an impressive achievement.

Any Questions?

Contact us for any questions about this design (or any custom design you need) and we will reply fast. We can change most of the layout and text - and can also make custom corporate award and large orders of any design.